Thursday, April 05, 2007

Settling for a cup of coffee in front of the computer.

Today the weather has taken a break from the heat and brought out the kind of day that makes me want to live outside. It is cool and breezy, yet sunny with blue skies. It is beautiful. Also, it makes me want to go away somewhere and get away from my daily life and all of the things daily life entails.

I was reading Locked Rooms by Laurie R. King, and the main character was away at a lake house, which made me start daydreaming about having a lake house to get away to. She described being outside at dawn and I re-read the passage several times, just imagining what it would be like were I there. It said:

The last stars were fading as the sky grew light; the lake was a sheet of black glass with a mist gentle over its surface. Everything was so completely still and utterly magical, merely drawing breath seemed a disturbance.

I must have spent an hour there on the tapestry lawn that flowed into the lake, sipping my tea, wrapped in a fragrant blanket, watching the morning come. The fish began to rise for insects, dotting the sheet-glass water with rings; a tall white bird stood in the reeds near the dock, perusing for frogs. The beauty of the moment made my bones ache with pleasure, and when at last the morning's ethereal perfection had faded and it had become just another lovely day, I felt complete and calm in a way I had not for many weeks.

I can just picture myself wrapped up in a blanket, watching the day begin. I want to feel complete and calm, too. I wish I had the opportunity to just be - without any obligations or responsibilities - for a day. Wouldn't that be nice?

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