Monday, April 09, 2007

A little bit of this and that.

We were in the middle of trying to tell my son why he may not want to go insert himself in a game of basketball going on with the "big boys" across the street when he protested by saying, "We practice playing in PE at school and once I got it in the score-hole!" And that right there just put big flashing neon lights around the reason why we didn't think he should go try and play. Because getting the ball into the basket was not in his vocabulary nor within his skill level. Clearly he got his athletic prowess from the mother who once asked how many halves of the game there were. (Sorry son, so, so, sorry.)

Also, we then made several crude remarks about getting it in the score-hole throughout the rest of the evening, because B and I have the emotional maturity of 14 year old boys, apparently.


I do not have any pictures of Easter this year. Because I forgot to tell the children to wait for us to wake up before they went downstairs to tear into their Easter bounty. I was awakened by the sound of plastic rustling and the thump, thwump, thumping noise of them dragging their baskets upstairs to our bedroom, where they exclaimed, "Look what the Easter Bunny brought us!" And by the time I made it downstairs, it was a carnage. So I figured, what the heck, I won't even worry about taking pictures.

(Mostly, I didn't take pictures of the aftermath because I was out of coffee and it was a horrible, horrible thing for me. Luckily for me, the grocery store did not see fit to close and I was able to get some coffee. After, of course, our early morning tennis game. Because who doesn't play tennis on Easter morning? In the freezing cold?)


It was brought to my attention that my ex is getting married. And to the girl who was his girlfriend before I was. To which I say, good for them! I wish them much luck, love and happiness. And those of you who know all of us, do not worry, it is not awkward or weird to me in the slightest.

Well, except for the fact that it was brought to my attention through MySpace, and that just seems really weird to me.


I just noticed that I know someone whose initials are BS. And it made me giggle to see them written down. (See, there's the 14 year old in me rearing it's pimply head again.) When we were naming our children, we were very conscious of making sure their initials or shortenings of their names did not spell anything funny. I've known a few people in my life whose names just made me think what were your parents thinking? Like the boy in middle school who was named Ben Gay, and also the guy named Mike ****(something that when said, sounds like a very crude thing.) Were you hyper aware of your children's initials and name shortenings? Was it something you considered? Or am I the only one?


sara said...

wow...i could relate to almost everything in that post!!!

mike and i love to make fun of the things the kids say wrong (we try to do it mostly behind their backs, or at least when they still think it's the right way to say something!) ;)

tennis on easter morning? mike and i ran 3 miles (nonstop!) around the park in 40 degree weather.....

and naming the kids was SUCH an ordeal for us (i say us, but we all know it was just me!). my initials growing up were SEW and now they are SEC so they spell little harmless words. oh, and davey's teachers initials are BS!!! ;)

JennyK said...

My daughters initials spell ELK, a fact that does worry me, especially since, like me, she got the "big & tall" gene.

Oh well, that which doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, right?

E said...

JennyK - I know that our daughters have the same first name, so I can't help but wonder what her middle name is - my girl's middle initial is also L! She's ELR, which...not bad I guess, but it couldn't be helped because she was named after our grandmothers.

And my first and middle initials are ED - so growing up I was always Ed. Not very girly!

JennyK said...

Hi E! Sorry, I didn't think to check back here to see if you'd replied to my comment until just now!
Her middle name is Louise. That just adds insult to injury doesn't it? ha!
See, it's my Mom's and my middle name too. And as much as I hated having it as a name, growing up, it became a generational thing that I just couldn't resist.

What's your daughter's "L" for?

E said...


Isn't that funny, how close those names are???

And I have no doubt that she'll probably hate not having a "cool" name when she gets older, but, you know, it's in honor of two very wonderful women so maybe she'll come to appreciate it when she's an adult. Maybe.