Tuesday, April 03, 2007

He's been watching too much TV.

Last night my son declared that there actually is an animal called a Pikachu. And when my husband said, "No, no there isn't," he got very upset. He said, "Yes there is! It's got a long tail and eyes that see in the dark. It's called a Pikachu." And my husband, not wanting to argue the point with a boy who so clearly saw himself as in the right, escaped to the bathroom. At which point the boy came to the bottom of the steps and starting telling me about the Pikachu. He said again that it had a long tail, eyes that see well at night and it didn't say "pika pika" nor was it yellow with pointy ears. He said he saw it on Go, Diego, Go, and not wanting to argue with the boy, I said, "Well, if Diego says it exists, then it must." (What I really wanted to say was, OKAY, whatever! Just shush!) And I admit I started to wonder if maybe there was some sort of Pokemon alternate universe out there and if maybe, just maybe, some of the characters were named after actual animals.* It was then that my husband came out of the bathroom - where he must have been thinking about this so called Pikachu - and said, "Do you mean possum?" And my son's face lit up while he yelled, "YES!" Then his expression drooped a little and he sheepishly said, "Oh. Oops."

*If ever you need proof of my craziness, there it is.


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E said...

Yeah, possum - and it's not some sort of southern-word-buthering of Opossum either. Check it out here.