Friday, April 13, 2007

Because it's Friday and I have nothing else for you...

My neighbor bought me a necklace as a thank you for a favor I did for her. It is really beautiful, and above and beyond a simple thank you. I was really touched that she bought it for me. And while I don't usually wear jewelry, I decided to wear this necklace. I've worn it twice now and realized that I really like wearing it.

I'm not sure at what point I stopped wearing things like necklaces. It was sometime in adulthood, because I clearly remember wearing jewelry in high school. I used to have several necklaces, a couple of rings and earrings, and maybe even a bracelet or two. I constantly wore a locket I received as a gift from a very special person. But somewhere after that I stopped bothering with it all.

Well I think I've finally come back around full circle, because I would really like to go out and find some pretty jewelry for myself. So, you know, if you ever need to thank me for anything, you can buy me something pretty. Maybe I need to go and see if my neighbor needs any more favors done...


Also, I had to tell you about what I have been reading lately. It's a guide to grammar. And while you wouldn't be able to tell that I've been learning anything by reading any of my writing, I have enjoyed going through its alphabetized contents - often taking a letter a day - and brushing up on my grammar.

(My God, now you know how much of a geek I really am.)


sara said...

i love you and your geeky-ness!!!!

and i know someone who has a birthday coming up, so how about some links to some pretty things???? HINT HINT i'd love to send you something you actually want!!!!! ;)

p.s. your page is pretty ~ i like the flowers

p.p.s. my grammer sucks, i know!, so sorry if i drive you crazy!!! hee hee

E said...

Ooooohhh -- shopping links! I can do that! It'll take hours of research, but I'm willing to sacrifice myself for a good cause! ;)

Husband said...

That makes me a nerd lover!

It's a good thing my grammar completley sucks, so it evens out the team.

Melissa said...

I heart grammar, too. But I will tell you what I don't heart...teaching grammar. I know I am only 31, and for a teacher that's fairly young. But, I just have to say it: kids these days, with their instant messenger and text messaging, have NO respect for the rules of the English language. I love to text as much as the next person, but my texts are always gramatically correct :)