Tuesday, March 21, 2006

There will be no puking during my 70 degree days!

This is not my first time starting a blog, but hopefully it'll be my first time maintaining a blog. I have what we lovingly refer to in my house as obsessive-compulsive disorder. (Not really though, but I think it would be a short walk to true OCD for me.) Only in my version of OCD, I obsess about things to the point that my husband is ready to shout "enough already!" and then I burn out on them, and never revisit it again. Or it at least takes me a while to get back around to that certain obsession again. And my latest obsession: my blog.

(Do you think she can say "obsession" any more? Enough already, we get the point!)

Anyway, here I am, ready to bare my soul to everyone. And what is it I want to share? Sickness. Illness. The Flu. As in, my son has a virus (not officially the flu, but close enough to me.) He's been sick since Saturday morning. Throwing up, diarrhea, mild fever... all the fun stuff. He's been miserable, and pitiful. I even think he's starting to look too skinny. And it's awful. I'm tired of cleaning up puke. Tired of bleaching soiled underpants. Tired of worrying. And tired of seeing him look so awful. I want my lively boy back. And I really want him to stop puking.
I watch 2 other kids during the week, and their parents have brought them over to the house knowing my son has a terrible virus. (Would I if I was in their shoes?... probably not, but who am I to judge. Wait, I think I did pass judgment...Oops) So I've been taking extra pains to disinfect everything, wash my hands after touching anything, and just generally prevent any more kids from catching it. Because I think if they got sick too, I would be taking care of other people's sick kids. And that's just not what I want to be doing.

Now to get the thought of puke and diarrhea out of your heads, let's move on to the weather. I know, it's mundane talking about the weather. But it's really been bugging me. You see, I live in the southeast. And it's already been in the 80's here - and I've already got a tan on my arms. But today... not so nice. The weather turned cold again, and it's raining. It's 44 degrees outside and raining. WTF? I'll be the first to complain when it gets hot outside too. Believe me, it gets really hot here. Humid and hot and miserable. Why can't it just be a fairly constant 70 degrees outside? I'll take a few cold days here and there, and maybe even a few hot ones, but I want it to hover around the 70 degree mark. Oh, and it can only rain at night. Not every night, but some nights, and it has to dry up by morning so I can herd the kids outside to enjoy the 70 degree days. Know anywhere like that? If it exists, I'm so moving there.

(First with "obsession", now it's "degrees". Make her stop!)

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The Carroll 5 said...

LOL very good blog! you are too cute, you made me laugh! you have a way with words!