Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I never thought I would be saying this.

I did something last night I thought I would never do. I think it was a moment of desperation, coupled with the fact that my husband was out of town and couldn't stop me. I ORDERED JEANS OFF OF QVC.

Let me give you some background... I was fresh out of a relaxing bath. I turned on the TV in the bedroom while I checked email and got ready for bed. Our remote control is broken, and as you all know, when the remote is broken you are forced (forced I tell you) to watch whatever channel the TV is set on. Last night it was QVC. I sat through presentations of bras, a girdle-like thing, and a couple of terry pantsets. Then they brought out jeans. And what snared me was that they had them in a 29 inch inseam. Yippee! (I'm short, built like a corgi. Double yippee.)

The real danger was the fact that the TV in our bedroom is right next to the computer. (Never have we had such a den of slack!) It made it all too easy to watch them tell me I needed the jeans, and also view said jeans online at the same time! Amazing! Not only were they bootcut jeans with a hint of stretch and a 29" inseam, but also they were a bit more relaxed in the hip and thigh! I thought, oh my god, these were made for me!

So I ordered them. I ordered them online while watching them on TV. I think we should all just count ourselves lucky that I didn't also call in and say I was ordering them online while watching them on TV.

Expect an update when I get the jeans. I will be crushed if they look awful. CRUSHED.

Oh, and a side to my dear husband, please don't leave me alone with QVC and a computer ever again. We really need to get that remote fixed.

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