Friday, March 24, 2006

House of sick. Also, house of loud.

My house should be quarantined. In fact, I'm expecting a knock on the door from the health department or the CDC any minute. We're officially carriers of an awful stomach virus. Everyone that comes into this house becomes sick. My husband, who rarely gets sick, came home from work yesterday morning at 10:30. Oh, but wait... He. Was. Not. Sick. That's what he claims. He just had food poisoning, or something like that. My not sick husband slept most of the day, and is so far feeling better and back at work. Which, is to be expected, because he was not sick. Not. Sick. Everyone else though - sick.

I wonder how much it would be to completely sound-proof my house. Because I just discovered something the other day when I rolled the trash can to the street - you can hear the kids yelling all the way from the street. So then I'm thinking that you can hear me yelling at the kids from two blocks away. And I'm wondering how many times I've yelled, "mommy's in the potty" or something equally embarrassing, and other people have heard it. My solution - try to talk really quietly. Only it's not working because the kids keep yelling, "what?" and then I get frustrated with having to repeat myself and end up yelling anyway. And by then I'm not just yelling, I'm also sounding really mean.

My apologies to the neighbors. For the yelling. And also, for spreading the sick.

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