Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hello! Hello?

I've noticed a couple of new readers to my site. And I wanted to say hello. Also, I wanted apologize for the lack of real content at times. Oh, and the use of bad words. Because I happen to use a lot of bad words. In real life, though, I use very few. So that may make up for it? In some way? Maybe?

Anyway, welcome. Stick around for awhile and come back soon. Maybe by the time you come back I'll have something good to say about...something or other. Hell, I don't know. But do come back!

And also? A comment or two - or an email or two - wouldn't hurt. Just saying.


JennyK said...

You caught me! Sorry, E, I truly am a lurker by nature...

I do love reading your blog and the occasional swearing just adds to the authenticity! I don't say the words out loud either, but you can bet that what's going on inside my head is much different!

Oh, and if you weren't referring to me in your post, then ooops!

:) JennyK (one of Sara's friends)

E said...

Hello Jenny!

I'm glad you come here to read - and I'm glad you don't mind the swearing - Thanks for the comment!

(And, don't tell anyone, but I, too, am a lurker. I read tons of blogs and hardly ever comment!)