Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Big Crazy.

I watch a lot of the food network. I know that there are others like me - who know who Alton Brown* is and who also love his quirky wit - because whenever I mention something about watching the food network they always chime in with, "Don't you just love that channel?" But I am also achingly aware of the fact that there are others out there who (gasp) do not watch the Food Network and think it is weirdly crazy for someone who rarely** cooks anything from scratch to watch cooking shows.

* I love Good Eats! I love Alton Brown! The man should sell T-shirts. I would buy one.

** By rarely, I mean never. Never ever.

I admit that I watch Rachel Ray. And even though I find her extremely annoying what with her "EVOO" and abundant use of the word(?) "sammy" when referring to sandwiches, I love the way she can throw a delicious and nutritious meal together in 30 minutes. (She's got talent people, talent.) (And I may be just a tinge sarcastic.)

I was watching her show the other day and noticed that she was saying the words "big flavor" an awful lot. A lot, like every time she mentioned an ingredient, a lot. It was all about "big flavor" and how much "big flavor" she could add. Also, "big flavor." So now it's stuck in my head and whenever I eat something very flavorful I'm repeating the words "big flavor" to myself. It's like a Pavlovian response. Kinda.

Today my "big flavor" was queso dip. Spicy Taco Bell queso dip eaten with Tostitos corn chips. I know, it's the epitome of high class around here, isn't it? So queso dip and corn chips while the kids nap and I sit here catching up on my email. And even though I am full of chips and dip, I continue to eat more because my tongue is just starting to really tingle and I like the whole so-spicy-my-mouth-is-on-fire feeling. (Yes, I am crazy. No need to tell me so.) All the while "big flavor" is rolling around in my head.

And now, folks, I am sweating from the spiciness and crazy from the Food Network.

Also, "BIG FLAVOR" could very well be the title of a drinking game. Double shots every time she says "EVOO".

Edited to add: Oh my God, y'all - he does sell T-shirts! Why Alton, you are so smart!


sara said...

ooooooo.....i HATE alton brown!!! i hate his show and i hate when he hosts other shows on that channel. do they have an anti-alton brown shirt??? hee hee

i do love to watch food network though. it started when davey was on his emeril kick. we used to have to watch that show multiple times per day. thank god those days are over!!!

rachel ray is okay....i definitly don't watch her talk show!!!

i love to watch the challenges, especially the cakes. and i like that new(er) challenge show with bobby flay. i like bobby flay.

i also love to watch iron chef america (not so crazy on the original iron chef). oh, and ace of cakes (is that on that channel? you know, the show with duff from charm city cakes?)

and i definitly don't cook!!! well, i made hamburger helper for dinner last night, does that count??? i attribute my fondness of the food network to my fondness of food!!!! ;)

E said...

Ok, well, I hate Bobby Flay! I don't watch any of his shows!! So maybe the 'hate-ness' of the two cancel each other out???

And you know, I think the love of food network has everything to do with the love of FOOD! Becauae who watches it for actual recipies???

sara said...

okay, we are even then!!! ;)

i still love you even if you are alton's #1 fan!!!!