Monday, May 14, 2007

Pictures (finally!)

While the hotel we stayed at had many a beautiful thing (seven or more restaurants, two pools, waterfalls, fountains, ballrooms, statues, bellhops in nice white uniforms...,) they did not have a battery for my camera. So I don't have any pictures of it. (Which, by the way, may be a good thing. I think I would have embarrassed myself by taking pictures of all those things while exclaiming, "Look! Wow! I've never been anywhere this fancy, y'all!") But I do, however, have pictures of the zoo because we had to go eat at a McDonald's for breakfast - $7.95 for a bagel and juice at the hotel(!) - and there was a Walmart across the street from the McD's. Walmart kicks all kinds of hotel ass when it comes to camera batteries.

Here's the girl being a bear(?):
And the boy being a bear(?) also. A very surprised bear:
Now they are spiders:
See how spidery they look?
Here's the boy on the carousel:
And the girl, who couldn't take her eyes off of herself:
There we are in the butterfly chair. Don't we look pleased? Excited?
The boy and the girl:
Again, boy and girl:
And here I am looking haggard:
And again with the haggard:
This is where we tried to lose them in the minotaur maze, but they found their way out:
They also built a tee-pee. Well, she did. He just aimed the sticks at people:


sara said...


and you don't look haggard, you look CUTE!!! and i do mean cute (which may not be how you want to be described, but DAMN girl, don't you ever age???).

oh and my favorite pic by far is the one of the kids looking haggard!!!! =)

grampa Jim said...

I also like your "haggard" picture.
I see the kids just keep on getting bigger.