Wednesday, May 02, 2007

In ruins.

Hey guys, I am tired. T-I-R-E-D.

I got up last night with my stomach growling and my head feeling very hurt-y and went downstairs to get something to eat. I ended up eating three peanut butter crackers and going back to sleep on the couch. Also, my husband's CPAP mask (for his sleep apnea) had sprung a leak and no amount of nudging him could get him to wake up enough to re-situate the mask and I couldn't sleep with the constant BRWWAAAHHHEEEEE sound it was making. So couch it was. And while the couch is perfectly comfortable, and somehow soothing to my achy back, it is still not the same as being all snuggled in my bed. And I did not get my beauty sleep. So today I am not beautiful. In fact, I am so very far from beautiful that I feel like...well, like I'm far from beautiful.

Ever have those days? When you do the same things you normally do to get ready (brushing, drying, makeup-ing) and you still feel like cow dung? I do every time I haven't had enough sleep. I really does ruin my whole perspective on things.

So, um...I guess I just wanted to tell y'all that. I may have had a point I was going to make when I first started to write, but I don't remember. Apparently, lack of sleep also ruins my memory.


sara said...

maybe you can sneak a nap in today??? maybe?

i like the new layout.....and the cupcake OVERFLOWING with candles!!! is that to symbolize someone's birthday???

E said...

I'm trying for a nap here in about 5 minutes -- as soon as I know both kids are asleep for sure.

and in no way is that cupcake symbolizing my birthday -- my cupcake wouldn't be overflowing with candles because I AM NOT OLD!! ;) maybe it is..