Monday, May 28, 2007

Actually, I love you, McD's.

Dear McDonald's,

First of all, thank you so very much for the Happy Meal. I mean, who would have ever thought that putting the very same food the children would not be very enthusiastic about eating at home into a box with a cheap toy would mean wonders to a child and have them screaming for McDonald's every time they pass one? (Which, I might add, we do every five minutes or so because they are conveniently located near everywhere and everything .) Who would have thought? Why you, of course, you clever, clever marketing genius, you. So thank you for that.

Now onto the reason for this letter: I would like to say that I agree that making the talking Shrek toys you are currently placing in Happy Meals was a very good idea on your part. Not only does it promote the movie (now showing at a theater near you) but it also makes the kids want more, more, more! And we as parents are helpless to their cries of more and bring them to McDonald's every week for a new toy, buying them more, more, more! But while they are cool and all, I have to ask, why are they so loud? (And by loud, I mean, holy crap, make that thing stop!)Is it because you think we parents are no longer able to hear well after being trapped inside a vehicle with the children screaming for your food? Is it because you don't think the children can hear well after all of their yelling? Is it because you have a test group of deaf children testing the marketability of your toys? Am I even close?

Whatever the reason, I just wanted to give a hearty THANK YOU for putting loud Shrek toys inside your wonderful Happy Meals. Genius, pure genius!

Yours ever so sincerely,


Sara's Mom said...

This has nothing to do with McD's, just wanted to tell you that I won $50 on Blingo Search so you will be getting that also!!! Woo Hoo, I never thought it would happen, but kept searching it does happen. Thanks for making an old lady happy (in a warped sort of way this does relate, Happy Meals/Happy see the connection?) Anyway, enjoy

E said...

WooHoo! Not only do I love McD's, I also love YOU!

You made my weekend!

E said...

Also, just let me took several weeks for me to get the movie tickets I had won. In fact, it took so long, I almost thought I wasn't going to get it. Just letting you know in case it takes a while...