Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Have a good Christmas?

Kids, while looking at the front of a gift bag: "Mom, what's NOEL mean?"

Me: "Um... you know, I don't know."

Daughter, grinning triumphantly: "Oh, Oh, I know! It's the alphabet, without the 'L'. No-El."


I'll post pictures sometime, um... soon? I uploaded some from the camera, but the work required to post them here seems to be more than I can bring myself to do right now. I'm too busy playing referee to the children and all the friends that are spending time over at my house. (Let me tell you, they are all crazy.) And also, I am busy driving around in the little Equinox the Chevy dealer gave me to drive while my van is in the shop, yet again. (Crappy Chevys.)

SO... pictures. Soon. Sometime. Sometime soon.

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