Monday, November 27, 2006

Who knew - spending money makes me happy.

Yesterday made me so happy. So, so happy.

What did we do yesterday? We went shopping and bought our children's Christmas presents.

Every year I get stressed about what to buy them (and what to recommend to Santa) and we usually end up waiting until mid-December and have to run all over town to find what we want. And like last year, we end up emptyhanded; without the very coveted toy. Well, this year we had a good idea about what to get, and decided to, what the heck, go ahead and buy it all.

So we went shopping. At Target, nonetheless. We found gifts for the kids, and we helped Santa with his gift choices too. And now we are done, and I am peacefully, blissfully happy.

(Well, after I got over the sticker shock, that is.)

(Wow, how expensive can pieces of plastic get? I mean, really?)

But my husband, who should henceforth be known as spoiler of all children, is a little worried we didn't get enough. Because there is more out there that the kids would like to have. There is a lot more that we would like to buy! So I am trying my best to resist his brand of reasoning and stay strong. But sometimes when he argues that maybe they should have this-or-that, I want to give in.

Don't tell him that though, I've got a reputation as a mean-ass mommy to maintain.


Grampa said...

Ooooo!! I do like that starship!

E said...

Like it all you want - you can't get one. We've gotten that child a couple of different versions of that ship, but after November of last year, we haven't been able to find that EXACT one for him, and it's what he wanted most of all. He still wants one...
But I have it on good authority that he just might be getting something pretty good, star wars ship-wise this Christmas.

sara said...

so are you done with your shopping??

all i have done is the stocking stuffers......

and i'm on my own (again) starting saturday until the 21st!!! YIKES!!!