Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Thank goodness they'll finally stop calling after today.

*phone rings*

Me, checking caller ID: "Ignore it. I think it's another one of those political recordings urging us to vote for them. You know the drill, "the fate of the country rests in your hands and you will ruin everything if you don't vote for me."

Husband: "You know what we did wrong, don't you? We registered to vote. That's how they got our phone number. No one ever called us before, when we were unregistered."

Me: "Well, damn, if I'd have known it would mean several phone calls a day, I never would have registered in the first place."

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sara said...

yes, i'll be glad to stop getting the 20 fliers a day in the mail and even tho i fast foward thru them all, the dumb commercials. luckily we don't get any of the phone calls, but i think that's because our number is unpublished. sooooooo, are you voting today????? ;)