Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving, a story in pictures.*

*Mostly because I'm too deeply ensconced in my post Thanksgiving sugar coma to come out and write much of anything.

Here is my first-grade pilgrim before his class's big feast. And at said big feast he ate exactly one portion of turkey and one roll. Feast on, big guy, feast on.


Here is my kindergarten pilgrim at her class's feast. And feast she did, with a good portion of ice cream and apple pie to top it all off. And I'd like to take a chomp out of those cheeks, because they are so, so delectable.


Here they are displaying the 'thankful turkeys' we made the day before. You can't get any better than crafts made from brown paper sacks.


Hers says she's thankful for, "Family, friends, and my heart."


His says he is thankful for, "All my teachers, family, friends, sunlight, electricity so we can cook food, video games, and stores."


And here are me and my girl, as seen through the eyes of a 7 year old with a digital camera and an obvious desire to not get too close, lest the shine from his mother's forehead blind him permanently.

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sara said...

LOVED IT!!!!!!!!! =)

now go put up your christmas decorations!!!!!